Fork Media Wall Murals

Wall mural designs hand done for a media agency called Fork Media in Mumbai. The project required us to jazz up their new office space with quirky doodles reflecting the media culture with an element of pop and desi-ness. Each wall is carefully designed keeping the theme of the wall, for instance the reception wall denotes graphics and typography which is more welcoming, using words like hello. The conference room wall has a lot of media elements and personal elements pertaining to the brand service and office environment, using slangs. The pillars consist of a lot of desi-ness sticking to the Mumbai culture. Each of the cheeseboards in the cafeteria were individually painted with different quotes and illustrations pertaining to food. The play room consists of metal boards, which are inspired by the U.S number plates, and lastly the bathroom walls showcasing pipes, and funny quotes catering to the men and women individually

Fork Media - Video
Reception Wall
Conference Room Wall 
Women's Bathroom 
Men's Bathroom 
Cheeseboards and Metal boards painting process 
Pillar designs
Outdoor Signage showcasing the characters which resemble the core team of the company
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