(Founder & Design Director)
Shefali also known as The Doodleist is a multidisciplinary designer who breathes life into brands by detailing them out with the love that life itself encompasses within it. With seven years + of work experience and having worked with 90+ brands across multiple agencies be it a start-up or a high-end brand, Shefali is known to come up with adaptable design solutions for any client who approaches her. Shefali has also done some notable work for brands such as Pepsi, Old Spice, Rustomjee, Redbull etc which has won her a few prestigious awards in the industry, she has also been featured on multiple occasions, the most noteworthy being her feature in the creative gaga magazine.  With numerous opportunities to widen her horizon, Shefali’s passion for surrealism enables her to see the world with a rare perspective. Be it print, digital or spatial, she fuses strategy with creativity to create visual magic.

TOTAL ACCOLADES: 3 Gold, 7 Silver, 4 Bronze in Design Execution

Design comes alive when a story is conveyed with passion, commitment and excellence, this is reflected in our work and the skillset of our team. We are design specialists with years of past experience with various expertise from print to digital, consulting clients & agencies, we listen & guide them to build meaningful design driven executions and come up with the right design solution to their problems.

Simran Puri
(Video & Motion Graphic Specialist)
Simran aka Bunny is known for his wizardry in making flat designs come alive with his motion graphic animation skills. His quirky nature helps him come up with innovative solutions, bringing life to BASE 501

Nikita Braggs 
(Art Director – Print & Branding expertise)
Nikita aka Nikki is known for her systematic approach to design, keeping everything clean and organised. She is known for quality design output and coming up with classy and elegant design solutions and making sure only great design makes the cut.

Prathamesh Shedge 
(Pro Illustration Artist)
Prathamesh aka Prathu is our in-house pro artist, hailing from J.J Institute Of Applied Arts, he works his magic with his amazing sense of imagination and visualization sketching them out on paper and later turning them into digital master pieces.

Saylee Thakur 
(Jr Designer - Sidekick )
Saylee aka Thakur is known for her unique and out of the box way of thinking, being an ex MIT student she is well versed with her surroundings and helps encompass that knowledge into everything she creates. She is known for her simple yet impactful design sense & has a knack of weaving in unique concepts into wonderful pieces of art. 

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