RedBull Jod Ke Tod - Motion Graphic & Illustration

The brief was provided by Jugaadu to BASE 501 for Red bull Jod ke Tod which required stylised graphics showcasing the history of Krishna and how the concept of Janmashtami was formed. Adding an Indian touch to a modern graphic style was exciting and yet challenging. We created a series of sketches and did a personality study of our main character of Krishna. The graphic style shows a lot of pop colours, which resonate with the Indian culture, with subtle details on adding Indianised elements in terms of jewellery, clothing, facial expressions and features. The animation consists of gentle fluid movements adding a natural flow to the entire composition. The 60 seconds animation video is a part of a larger video initiated by Red bull shedding light on the Jod ke tod event organised by them giving a platform to all the people who passionately participate and practice months in advance for this joyous event of celebrating Lord Krishna’s birth, an occasion called Janmashtami.

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