Tittar Lodge Production is an extensive wing of five Verticals, spanning from Travel & Lifestyle to Ad’s, Mobile content, Web Content and Documentaries. With utmost levels of production quality and ethics, they believe in making content that pampers the wanderlust in you – served fresh, on your screen.

Keeping their company vision and focus in mind the theme crafted behind the wall murals was to express freedom. Hence the entire play of showing a view of hot air balloons and blue sky which looks like a scene through a broken wall, which seamlessly matches and fits into the space. We have used bright colours and a lot of bright blues to bring in the freshness, and a happy, free vibe to the office space. 

On the other side we have painted bits of the wall with fun bright geometrical graphic patterns which helps enhance the space and add more vibrancy and colour, being true to the culture of the company and brining in positivity to the office area, conceptualising freedom, expression and vibrancy. 

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